Rafael Nadal’s “giftedness” is one in a million, according to Feliciano Lopez.

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Feliciano Lopez thinks Rafael Nadal is a very special tennis player and that the best generation of Spanish tennis players will come to an end with Nadal‘s retirement. With 22 Grand Slam victories under his belt, Nadal, 36, is tied with Novak Djokovic for the most in the annals of men’s tennis.

Moreover, Nadal holds the record for the most dominance by a single tennis player at a Grand Slam tournament with 14 French Open victories. “Rafa is an exceptional example. He is a gifted individual who was supposed to shatter every tennis record that has been and will be, “Lopez spoke to Marca.

Lopez: With Nadal‘s retirement, Spain’s greatest generation will come to an end.

Lopez concurred when questioned by Marca if the best Spanish generation would come to an end with Nadal‘s retirement. Lopez also discussed how Carlos Moya, who has been working with Rafael Nadal for a while, had a positive influence on the way Spanish tennis players thought.

“Absolutely, in my opinion. It is so simple to refer to a generation that is being led by Rafa as the best generation. There have been good players before him and after him, and most importantly, different ones. When Carlos (Moyá) advances to the Australian Open final, the situation will change.

Tennis players in Spain are starting to think that they can perform well on surfaces other than dirt courts. The climax of this mentality transformation has been made by Nadal. Our generation has been successful because we have competed on all fields and have not been scared to defeat anyone.

Breaking over the barrier of competing in the Davis Cup abroad and failing to defeat anyone, “Lopez clarified. In the meanwhile, Lopez, 41, will stop playing in 2023. Lopez has three events scheduled for this year at Acapulco, Barcelona, and Mallorca.

Lopez requested a wildcard for the Queen’s tournament because, if given one, he plans to retire at the Queen’s Club.