That is why Rafael Nadal lost muscular mass, according to Sascha Bajin.

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Since the beginning of his career, Rafael Nadal‘s physique has seen significant changes. The Spanish champion had to gradually shed muscle to keep his knees safe. Former Naomi Osaka trainer Sascha Bajin discussed this issue on Twitter: “The speech is extremely basic, guys.

Weight equals muscle mass. When you have to move across concrete, every extra kilogram you have to carry with you is multiplied. When they are required to take the majority of the impact, your knees feel that weight. Indeed, for tennis, the upper body muscles are not so crucial.

At least in my opinion, having a large bicep is not necessary to excel at tennis. A negative of having too much muscle mass is that it could make you slower and heavier on the court. Do not underestimate the length of Grand Slam matches.”

Injuries to Nadal

Nadal has endured a long career of health struggles, many of which are related to his incredibly inefficient playing style.

The Spaniard has shown a longevity that few would have predicted when he first entered the circuit, despite the fact that he has been forced to sit out a number of events. When the former world number one defeated all odds to win the Australian Open and the Roland Garros last year, he left everyone in awe.

The Majorcan is back in style after only playing in seven tournaments in 2021, reinforcing his status as a living icon of the game. Rafa has had a difficult few months because he hasn’t been able to play at his peak level since the Wimbledon quarterfinal he reached.

Given that the Iberian had a second-degree ileo-psoas injury during the Australian Open, 2023 did not start well for him. The 22-time Grand Slam champion has already withdrawn from the ATP events in Doha and Dubai, and it is still unclear whether he will compete in Indian Wells and Miami. The possibility exists that Nadal will decide to protect his body before the clay court season.