Top coach: “Matteo Berrettini and Jannik Sinner can win a Grand Slam in 2023.”

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As early as the 2023 season, Italy can pursue a Grand Slam victory. This information was provided by Italian coach Riccardo Piatti, who discussed the state of Italian tennis at the time in an interview with the newspaper il Messaggero.

Piatti remarked: “Sinner and Berrettini have made all the required preparations to reach this level, so they can already win a big tournament this year. Musetti is a little behind and is picking up knowledge from his losses. On grass, Jannik can triumph on any surface. For everyone, Matteo will be very difficult to beat. For me, it was the right decision to stop, and I hope I pay heed to how he plays on clay and American hard courts so that I can give it my all on the green.” The new objectives and a glance back: “The outcomes of Piatti Boys demonstrate to me that I am capable of teaching both professionalism and how to play tennis.

I have the ability to promote a player to the top 100 in the world and aid him in winning 1000 Masters competitions. The final goal of this path is to get a player to the top of the global rankings and win a Grand Slam. Along with me, Ivan Ljubicic ranked third in the world.

Today, I have numerous international boys in Bordighera.

Manas Dhamne, an Indian player, was the inaugural participant in an ATP competition in 2007. 2004’s Kathrina Scott is only one example of many.”

Piatti thinks about the next generation.

The former Italian player also kept tabs on potential future Italian Tour stars, including: “Passaro, Arnaldi, and Bellucci, three lads around Sinner‘s age, serve as my example.

These didn’t arrive as quickly as I had anticipated. Perhaps because of the ChallengerTour, and undoubtedly because of Fit’s assistance. I would bring up the Binaghi system and its astute financial management and brilliant president. We can only hope that Italian tennis keeps him.” After a long road to strengthen all of his tennis basics, Riccardo Piatti just made history for the seven years he spent working step-by-step with Jannik Sinner, propelling him up to the top ten in the world ranking. The coach will attempt to recreate this experience with additional players in Bordighera.