Chris Evert: Novak Djokovic’s conviction that he is the best is not pompous.

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Chris Evert, a former 18-time Grand Slam champion, concurs with Novak Djokovic that when he enters the court believing he is the best, he is not haughty or egotistical. Djokovic stated in an interview with The National that he respects every opponent but added that when he is healthy and prepared, he always feels that he is the superior player on the court.

Evert, who ranks among the sport’s best winners ever, characterized Djokovic‘s outlook as “positive.” “Nope. Because of your optimistic, assured outlook, you are the finest! Tweeted by Evert.

Evert commends Djokovic‘s “positive” outlook.

LeBron James passed Michael Jordan to become the NBA’s all-time greatest scorer in early February.

James declared, “I feel like I’m the best basketball player that has ever played the game,” just before breaking the previous record for points scored. Just my confidence, I guess. Djokovic was questioned by Reem Abulleil of The National if he could identify with James’ way of thinking.

“Yeah, I can identify to that because I think my degree of self-belief and confidence was what worked for me and is still working for me. Of course, there should always be a healthy balance between respect for the other team, for the game, and for the current situation.

But just the conviction that, when I’m prepared, when I’m on the court, on any surface, competing against anyone, I’m better, I’m the best. Also, I don’t see anything conceited or haughty about it.

That doesn’t seem improper to me. And I congratulate LeBron on his historic accomplishment; he fully deserves it since, even at his advanced age, he still puts in as much effort as anyone else in the world. And that’s a terrific example for all the young guys,” Djokovic said in an interview with The National.

Djokovic, like James, is constantly aiming to be the best and will go down in history as one of the greatest athletes in sports history.