The coach claimed that Jannik Sinner would never possess Carlos Alcaraz’s body.

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In a recent interview given to the Trentino-Alto Adige edition of the Italian newspaper Il Quotidiano, Simone Vagnozzi discussed the contest between his athlete Jannik Sinner and the already-number-one Carlos Alcaraz.

A constant comparison, to which the coach wanted to add his thoughts. The trainer confessed, firmly and plainly: “Alcaraz, who was a man at the age of 18, had a body that Jannik would never possess. But within three years, we’ll make sure he has the greatest body we can without altering his features.

With athletic workloads, you shouldn’t rush or push yourself too hard because that would be like tossing a boomerang that wouldn’t go your way. Sinner is unmatched in terms of mental fortitude.”

On Sinner: Vagnozzi

According to Vagnozzi, the Iberian has the following significant edge over the Italian, who is only 21 years old: “Compared to Jannik, who is already strong and has a lot of space for progress, he came onto the tennis tour better prepared, precocious, and complete.

He already changes up the game with more fluidity and better automatisms, and he is more adept at doing so when and how to suit the opponent. He is experimenting with various tactics, including trying to be more patient and prolong the interaction.

This occasionally causes him to expend more energy than a 26–27 year old player who is more experienced, since he can be a Medvedev.” Vagnozzi did not go back on his path and repeated Sinner‘s primary goals for the 2023 campaign: “We intend to compete in the November ATP Finals in Turin.

The beginning of the season was good, both in terms of technical progress and on a physical level, if we omit the tiny game injury he had in Adelaide. For him to succeed, he needs to have consistency of performance and obtain results in the large Opens.” In preparation for the first ATP Master 1000 of the year at Indian Wells, the technician will now continue to work with the Italian tennis player. Over the remainder of the season and on the clay swing, Sinner and Alcaraz will face off.