‘Underappreciated’ Novak Djokovic will break all records, according to Nicolas Mahut

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Nicolas Mahut argues that Novak Djokovic would never be regarded as the undeniable GOAT and adds that if Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer had achieved his feats, it would never be the case. Djokovic will surpass Steffi Graf’s record of 377 weeks as the world’s top player starting on Monday, making him the tennis player with the most weeks at the top.

Djokovic has spent the most weeks at No. 1 in men’s tennis since 2021. After winning the Australian Open this year, Djokovic equaled Nadal for first place in the Grand Slam competition. Mahut anticipates that Djokovic will also break the Grand Slam record. “Novak will possess all of the records.

Even while he would undoubtedly be the GOAT if it were Federer or Nadal, there will always be a discussion about him. I believe Novak is undervalued. It was disclosed on We Love Tennis France that Mahut spoke to L’Equipe.

Djokovic discusses how Federer and Nadal helped advance his career

Djokovic conducted a news conference in Belgrade last week. When questioned about Nadal and Federer, Djokovic talked about how having them around motivated him to improve as a player.

“On the other side, he (Nadal) started producing significant results earlier and he is the guy who has influenced me the most, second only to Federer. As with Federer, at the start of my career, I lost more games to him than I won, so they became my main targets and the conundrum of how to defeat them.

I spent the years from 2008 to 2011 in the Top 3 in the global rankings, but I failed to win any Grand Slams or clear the remaining obstacle, which was those two. I am thankful for those rivalries, especially with Nadal, because even if we are both competitive tennis players, we don’t have the chance or the self-control to cope with how big and significant our rivalry is from both of our points of view and for sports in general.

I hope we can have a brief conversation after our careers are over. We’ll check to see if there are any more matches. He will, I’m positive. possibly already clay. When he is at his best and in good health, he continues to play excellent tennis. We both work to prevent these young players from winning Grand Slam championships, like grandfathers, Djokovic stated.