“You have to be thankful for all these things,” said Novak Djokovic.

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Novak Djokovic arrived back in Australia looking like a king. The Serbian tennis player’s last Australian Open had an unusual and significant premise: he returned to Australia after being barred from entering for a year due to his refusal to be vaccinated. The situation was resolved by court order after a week.

His arrival in Melbourne was also delayed by a health issue that turned out to be a 3 cm tear in his left knee’s tendon. All of this did not prevent Djokovic from winning his 10th championship at Melbourne Park, but it was a difficult journey.

“Given what had transpired a year prior, I could tell that I was the subject of much scrutiny. Even though I desperately wanted to withdraw and avoid it, I had to face it. Also, I didn’t need to get hurt a few days prior to the opening game, but it did make the trip even more memorable.

In the end, I felt terrific, proud, and pleased when I celebrated and let my feelings out. I finally gave up after giving my mother and brother hugs “In an interview with The National News, he stated. In response to the criticism of the harm, he added: “It’s enough for me.

I truly don’t have the time, energy, or desire to challenge anyone’s opinion or make a case for myself.”

In Australia, Nole won his 22nd Slam championship.

Novak Djokovic confided in the media The National News for a considerable amount of time after arriving in Dubai, where he is familiar with his possible career.

He specifically discussed his Grand Slam run against Rafael Nadal, his “greatest foe.” After the Australian Open and the final coronation of the Serb, the two legends have won 22 titles between them. If I place second to Nadal, what if? I would be content.

Although I would prefer to have more Grand Slam victories than my main opponent, if I had to stop and look back during my career, even if I had stopped here and he had still won 10 Grand Slams, I should still be content overall. Perhaps there will be a small part of me that laments not having more titles than him, but how many are really enough? In my case, at least, it’s what drives me, so you need to have that competitive spirit, that fury, the mentality of a wolf in a manner, and to be constantly hungry.

Yet, there is also a moment to reflect on the situation and tell oneself, “Wow, we’ve accomplished a lot; you should be proud, thankful for all we’ve accomplished, and modest,” said Nole.