Barbara Schett: Novak Djokovic will continue to hold the top spot for 400 more weeks after this.

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In an interview with Eurosport, former world No. 7 Barbara Schett predicted that Novak Djokovic would hold the top spot for at least 400 weeks, saying she “felt that Steffi Graf’s record would never be broken.” With 377 weeks at the top, Graf, a former 22-time Grand Slam champion, owned the tennis record for all-time.

Djokovic set a new record for the most weeks spent at the top this past Monday as he began his 378th week at the top of the world rankings. Despite the fact that the last 13 months have been among the most difficult of Djokovic‘s career, the Serb has nevertheless broken a few records.

In light of everything, Schett thinks what Djokovic has accomplished is quite outstanding.

On Djokovic, Schett says: “This is not the end

“I wondered, “How is it possible?,” when he won the Australian Open at the start of the year and reclaimed the top spot in the world rankings. He was unable to compete in two of the four Grand Slam events last year, and even though he won at Wimbledon, he received no points for it. Therefore, essentially without participating in any of the three Grand Slams, he rose to the top once more. That, in my opinion, tells you a lot about Novak Djokovic and how talented he is. He will continue to hold that position for more than 400 weeks, so I don’t think this spells the end for him as the world’s top dog. He is still the best to beat right now and is also the most reliable.

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He has earned this so, so much. He deserves the record because of what he has accomplished, which is fantastic “told Eurosport Schett. Djokovic is currently competing in Dubai. Announcing his victory over Graf during the pre-tournament news conference, Djokovic called it “surreal.” After defeating Stefanos Tsitsipas in the Australian Open final, Djokovic reclaimed the top rank. How long Djokovic will hold the top rank is still an open question.

Barbara Schett: Novak Djokovic will continue to hold the top spot for 400 more weeks after this.

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