Expert: “Carlos Alcaraz doesn’t realize it yet, but…”

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At the ATP 500 competition in Rio de Janeiro, Carlos Alcaraz, the Spanish champion, keeps improving. After winning the Buenos Aires tournament, the Spaniard advanced to the final in Rio, where he hopes to solidify his position and overtake Serbian Novak Djokovic at the top of the ATP rankings.

The Chilean tennis player Nicolás Jarry, unquestionably one of the most fit at the present, defeated the Murcian after much adversity in the semifinals. At a news conference, the second-ranked person in the world talked and covered a wide range of topics.

He said the following: “I’m pleased with myself. I never expected to begin the season with two finals, and now that Buenos Aires is over, I have a tremendous opportunity to advance and take the title.” The champion’s participation in the event in Acapulco, Mexico, which starts in a few hours, may be in doubt after eight victories in eleven days.

On analyzing the game, Brazil’s reigning champion added: “When all seemed lost in the first set, I managed to fight back, but I didn’t play well in the tiebreak. The most important thing is that I was always able to stay upbeat, and turning around a game where I was down 0-40 in the second set was key to how the match turned out.

It was challenging for me to find solutions since Nicolás played a fantastic game. To be quite honest, I have no idea how I managed to finish the game and come out on top.” Alcaraz complained of exhaustion and some pain, and the tennis player charged: “The fact is that I’m not really concerned about it.

Tennis players commonly experience some level of discomfort while playing, and it is typical for this pain to get worse over time.”

Mouratoglou discusses Alcaraz.

Former Serena Williams coach Patrick Mouratoglou recently predicted that Carlos Alcaraz would soon face difficult pressure scenarios.

“Carlos is someone who I believe takes pressure well, but I believe he will face pressure. He may not be aware of it now, but he will feel it when he is there and has to defend titles and the expectations that come with being No. 1 in the world “said Mouratoglou.

“I think he is more concerned with maintaining his standing than he is with points and rankings. I’m here, and I defeated most of the top players in the world last year. So I should triumph. And how can I deal with the reality that, when I play on the court, any outcome other than a victory is undesirable? Thus, he will have to cope with this entirely. It is difficult.”