“I didn’t feel comfortable for much of the week,” said Daniil Medvedev.

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Together with Rotterdam, Doha. In Qatar, Daniil Medvedev notices Andy Murray on the list of the week’s victims and wins his 17th career championship. The British tennis player put on a strong effort, as evidenced by the score of 6-4, 6-4 in the final.

among other things, after spending ten hours and seven minutes on the track. After falling down by two breaks in the first quarter, “Sir Andy” was about to make up ground and even took the lead at 4-3 in the second. Recriminations for the British team, which at 4-4 gave up a 40-0 advantage and essentially capitulated to the Russian team.

To Rafa Nadal‘s detriment, the victory enables Medvedev to move up one spot in the rankings and take up residence at number eight. The initial game serves as a sort of manifesto. Medvedev takes the lead at 0-40 right away. He missed the first three break points, but after that he went into automatic mode and won with two tremendously physical answers in the following fifteen, extending his lead to a game to nought and, obviously, finishing with two aces.

Murray tries to take a different approach. At least not to get sucked into the intricate web of protracted exchanges that the Russian player so meticulously crafts. In the third game, “Sir Andy” lost his serve twice, allowing Medvedev to escape, and did not take advantage of having two balls to return to the track (few excuses, to be honest).

even if only in appearance. The Russian gets disoriented when he is asked to essentially defend the first set at 4-1. When tasked with maintaining a two-fifteen advantage, he commits two very egregious errors, eliminates Murray‘s third break point with a forehand volley, but on the fourth break point, he grants the two-time tournament winner a reprieve with a double lack.

At 4-4, Murray, who typically goes the net route, has a chance to win it back. Medvedev, who requests and receives support from the first ball, avoids problems and successfully holds on to the last serve. In the first game, Medvedev concentrates the majority of the attention.

Two consecutive victories for Medvedev

Daniil Medvedev noted the subpar quality of the balls used throughout this week in Qatar at his post-final press conference, despite winning the ATP 250 in Doha on this Saturday.

Also, these are the identical balls that were used at the Australian Open, where numerous athletes, including Djokovic, Nadal, and Murray, had earlier expressed dissatisfaction. “With the weather in Doha, it’s incredibly challenging to transition from indoor play to outside competition.

I didn’t feel comfortable for a large portion of the week, but the fact that I made it there plainly demonstrates how crucial confidence is to me. We used the same balls as in the Australian Open, and I felt awful in Melbourne when using them.

I also suffered a wrist injury prior to the match with Korda. I initially believed it to be my issue, but after speaking with other players, I realized there was an increasing number of elbow, wrist, and shoulder ailments. I believe this is because of the balls.