Rafael Nadal is compared to a bull by Matteo Berrettini!

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Rafael Nadal received some praise from Matteo Berrettini during a lengthy interview with the Italian daily Corriere dello Sport. Rafael Nadal is all energy and resembles a bull, the Italian observed. You can sense Nadal‘s energy as soon as he enters a room.

He sounds like he’s telling you about a Punic Wars incident when describing his activities, whether he went fishing or golfing or both. He never slows down; he is an energy concentration. Rafael Nadal is an outstanding person in addition to being a tough tennis player, as stated by Darren Cahill in the most recent episode of the Big Deal podcast.

The Next Gen lads ought to follow Rafa’s lead. I’m not only talking about his tennis; I’m also talking about how he trains, how he treats his rivals, and how he conducts himself off the court. His love for the sport and work ethic are unmatched.

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The sport’s living legend Rafael Nadal is not interested in hearing about waving the white flag. Due to a string of ailments, the Spaniard has had a very difficult few months and hasn’t been able to play at his peak level.

The former world number one arrived at the 2023 Australian Open under incredibly perilous circumstances, departing the scene in the second round after suffering an ileo-psoas injury of the second degree. The 22-time Grand Slam winner had to withdraw from the ATP tournaments in Doha and Dubai, and his participation in the Sunshine Double is in jeopardy.

Many believe that the 36-year-old Manacor player’s retirement is imminent as he is doomed to fall out of the Top 10. Rafa may choose to maintain his physical condition in anticipation of the upcoming clay season, which will start with the Masters 1000 in Montecarlo.

The Iberian is already thinking about Roland Garros, where he will attempt to win his 15th championship, which is planned for the end of May on the red clay of Paris.