The tennis player said, “I have other priorities.”

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This morning, Novak Djokovic achieved a milestone that will go down in tennis history as an all-time best. The famous Steffi Graf, a symbol of the 1980s and much of the 1990s, was eclipsed by the Serbian superstar to become the athlete with the most weeks (378) at the top of the ATP ranking in the history of this sport.

A remarkable objective for the 22-time Grand Slam champion, which he pursued for a very long time and finally accomplished, even after going through challenging times, particularly in 2022, a year that tested his formidable temperament due to the infamous events related to their position on vaccines.

Even if Carlos Alcaraz had defeated Cameron Norrie in the rerun final in Buenos Aires yesterday night in Rio de Janeiro, Djokovic would have been happy this morning. If the Spaniard had won, he would have tied for the lead with the world’s top player (6980), but Novak would have won the match because of his victories at the ATP Finals, the four Grand Slam tournaments, and the required matches.

Before’s microphones Djokovic did not hold back his joy at this enormous accomplishment as he remembered some of the achievements that have led him to where he is today: When asked about his childhood aspirations, Djokovic said in Dubai on Sunday, “I couldn’t have envisioned that at the time, to be honest.”

“He used to imagine winning Wimbledon and being the best player in the world. These dreams came true for me in 2011. Naturally, I craved more after that. And I still want to accomplish more. The goals move me, of course. Like everyone else, I put a lot of effort into athletics.

Of course I am aware that they don’t just hand it to me; I have to work for it. Being No. 1 for so many weeks and matching Steffi Graf, one of the all-time greats of our sport, both male and female, is obviously weird in some ways.”

The Grand Slams are Djokovic‘s first priority.

Novak In this regard, Djokovic admitted how “surreal” it seemed to surpass Steffi Graf.

“Being the world’s number one for so long, matching Steffi Graf, who is one of the all-time greats in our sport for both men and women, is obviously bizarre in some ways. Being included with such renowned figures is flattering. Naturally, I’m really proud of it “said he.

When it comes to competing in tournaments, Djokovic said, “I have other priorities, top priorities, which is first and foremost trying to be healthy and preparing myself in every sense of the word for the tournaments that I’m going to be participating in, particularly building form and trying to peak at the Grand Slams.”