Feliciano Lopez: It’s hard, but I have to stop playing tennis since my career can’t go on forever.

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Feliciano Lopez acknowledges that choosing to retire from professional tennis in 2023 was a challenging choice. Lopez, 41, announced his retirement from tennis in 2023 on January 1. Lopez stated in his retirement statement that he would participate in a few particular tournaments in 2023.

Lopez began his season’s first tournament this week in Acapulco. “When I made the decision that this would be my final year on the Tour, it has been a little challenging because you don’t want to do it because you love what you do.

I’m very passionate about tennis. Even though I am aware that this is my final season, I wish I could play, and it makes me feel a little melancholy. But on the other hand, I have to since I’m 41 years old and I know that this won’t last forever “Lopez stated to ATP.com.

Lopez broke his skid of defeats.

Before defeating Chris Eubanks 7-6 (3) 6-4 in the Acapulco first round, Lopez, who arrived in the city on a wildcard, had a 17-match losing skid on the top level. Lopez is glad that his career won’t finish with a protracted losing streak.

“Since I last prevailed in an ATP match, a while has passed. Since last year was challenging for me, I’ll be honest and say that I had this in mind. Even though I only participated in a few tournaments, I was unable to win any matches on the Tour. But even so, it’s something I had in mind, and yesterday’s victory in my match was somewhat relieving “Lopez fessed up.

Moreover, Lopez has at least two more competitions in Barcelona and Mallorca on the calendar for 2023. Lopez has acknowledged having requested a main draw wildcard at the Queen’s Club. Lopez has won the famous grass-court competition at the Queen’s Club twice, and he wants to finish his professional career there.