Roger Federer, John McEnroe, and Bjorn Borg will all be present at the 2023 Laver Cup.

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Björn Borg and John McEnroe have declared their participation on the benches of Team Europe and Team World, respectively, while they wait to learn the names of all the athletes who will compete in the Laver Cup in 2023. The 2023 edition will, in essence, be nostalgic.

It will be the first match without Roger Federer playing, which will be disastrous for tennis. Borg and McEnore, two luminaries, add to this new generation’s difficulties in moving forward (Carlos Alcaraz is an example). There are now two personalities that are more than just tennis players in everyone’s minds.

At the Laver Cup, one of the greatest rivalries in history will enter its sixth chapter. Last season, the Swedish legend’s team defeated Europe for the first time. In his words: “In recent years, we have consistently been very, very close to winning, but we have never succeeded in crossing the finish line.

But we persisted in our struggle and displayed excellent teamwork. Winning the Laver Cup in London last year was great. Even if Bjorn is now a close friend of mine, you couldn’t allow him to defeat me five times in a row.” Instead, Borg clarified: “Being a part of this initiative from the beginning has been an honor.

We have been so successful because I was fortunate to have amazing champions at my disposal in Team Europe Champions. We’ll no doubt have a fantastic fight in Vancouver as well.” Roger Federer also expressed his gratitude for the two giants’ precious presence.

He said: “Excellent candidates for the Laver Cup are Bjorn and John. They make excellent team captains, mentors, and event representatives. Despite their fierce fighting, they all have the utmost respect for the sport. Laver Cup made the ideal decision.

To watch their teams play once more, I can’t wait to be in Vancouver in September.”

Roger Federer will not compete in the Laver Cup.

All sports fans will always have the fifth Laver Cup edition etched onto their hearts and brains.

In truth, Roger Federer played his final doubles match with his longtime nemesis Rafael Nadal as he bid the tennis world farewell. Both, at the conclusion of the meeting, were unable to control their tears and created one of the most moving scenes in sports history while holding hands.

From September 22 to 24, the Rogers Arena in Vancouver will host the next iteration of the new team competition that Federer invented.