Stakhovsky: “the triumph over Roger Federer? I can recall every detail!”

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Former Ukrainian tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky, who was interviewed by the Italian publication Il Giornale, published a brief war journal that also highlighted the Russian tennis players on the current circuit who had supported him, including Andrey Rublev.

“Andrey Rublev, who wrote to me in the early weeks of the war to comfort me, and I spoke. The reality is that opposing this conflict cannot be publicly demonstrated in Russia.” The tennis community came together for Stakhovsky: “Numerous letters of consolation and encouragement from former players, including officials, have been sent to me.

Amélie Mauresmo, for instance, was incredibly nice and was able to secure some tickets to the Roland Garros for some local kids.” Alex Dolgopolov took the same decision as Stakhovsky to fight for his country: “We chat pretty often even if we are in separate departments.” But, of the two, the first is most remembered due to what he accomplished at Wimbledon, defeating Roger Federer, who has won eight Wimbledon championships: “I could recount everything to you in detail since I can recall it all.

Yet, the four championships I’ve won on the circuit over the course of a week are what I’m most proud of. It allows you to reveal who you truly are at the conclusion.”

War and Sergiy Stakhovsky

Putin’s Russia invaded Ukraine a year ago, sparking a war that is still wreaking havoc on the nation.

Andrei Rublev, a Russian tennis player, conveyed a message of peace by writing the phrase “No to war please” on the camera during the Dubai tournament one year prior. The former tennis players made the decision to be ready for their country and assume the role of combatants a few weeks later, during the opening stages of the struggle.

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Sergiy Stakhovsky, the Ukrainian tennis player who overcame Roger Federer at Wimbledon, is one of them. He is a leader on the court and in sports-related conflicts.

Stakhovsky: “the triumph over Roger Federer? I can recall every detail!”
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