After the drama in Monte Carlo, Alexander Zverev attempts to attack Daniil Medvedev once more.

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Daniil Medvedev claims that Alexander Zverev has never been a player who utilizes gimmicks to fool his opponent, so the German has fired back at the Russian. In a thrilling Monte Carlo Masters match on Thursday, Medvedev defeated Zverev by a narrow margin.

3-6 7-5 7-6 (7) was the final score after three hours of play and two saved match points for Medvedev. It was revealed the following day that Zverev had referred to Medvedev as “one of the most unfair players in the world.” “I have never taken an unnecessary break or taken advantage of a toilet break.

According to Florian Heer, Zverev stated in Munich that he is very proud of both his wins and losses in tennis.

Zverev and Medvedev exchanged some heated words with one another.

In his post-match remarks on Medvedev, Zverev completely let Medvedev have it.

He is one of the world’s unfairest players. I place a high value on sportsmanship and fair play. Neither does he. When it’s no longer feasible, he takes a bathroom break. He perceives that I begin to perform better in a thousand different circumstances, and he makes an effort in each one.

He’s a terrible athlete, and it breaks my heart. Of course, you could say that my getting sidetracked was bad manners on my part. This should not have happened to me, it is entirely my responsibility, and I should be ashamed of myself. But even so, I believe that sports should always include fair play, Zverev said to Sky after leaving Monte Carlo.

Medvedev instructed the German to first glance in the mirror after reading Zverev‘s remarks. “This is not Sascha. Sascha doesn’t resemble Casper, Diego, or Andrey in any way. You nod in agreement when he claims that someone is not acting fairly.

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Look in the mirror at yourself,” Medvedev advised. Also, according to Medvedev, a number of players made fun of Zverev‘s remarks. “Sascha [Zverev] is a world unto himself. In the locker room, I already had five players approaching me and asking, “Come on, Daniil, why are you being so unfair (smiling)?” said Medvedev.

After the drama in Monte Carlo, Alexander Zverev attempts to attack Daniil Medvedev once more.
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