Andy Roddick exultant Finally, Iga Swiatek gained some remarkably remarkable attention.

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Andy Roddick, a former world No. 1 in tennis, says it is good to see Iga Swiatek receiving some significant attention. Three-time Grand Slam champion Swiatek was included in TIME’s list of the 100 most important people in 2023. Iga Swiatek is one of the things I love to watch because many women receive much more coverage for far less accomplishments.

Because it is highly earned, I’m glad she’s gaining this crossover exposure. I love seeing this for Iga because she is really professional and is finding her voice outside of the court, Roddick stated on Tennis Channel.

Roddick is pleased to see Swiatek receiving some attention.

Swiatek has been utilizing her position and platform to bring attention to the suffering that the Ukrainian people have been going through over the past 14 months.

Swiatek said that she had no idea that she would receive such a prestigious honor. “I never imagined that I would experience something like this. Thank you @TIME for this wonderful acknowledgment and award.

I also like to thank @MikaelaShiffrin for her comments. It is very important,” Swiatek tweeted. One of the best skiers of all time, Mikaela Shiffrin, outlined why Swiatek will be among the most significant figures in 2023 in a writing for TIME.

“Beauty, power, and truth come to mind when Iga Swiatek plays tennis. Iga has displayed both fragility and bravery as she rose to the top of tennis—and all of sport. She works tirelessly to better her game.

She acknowledges people who have helped her while maintaining the value of her own abilities and efforts. She has promoted mental health issues and encouraged Ukrainians to defend their country. She exemplifies the kind of confidence that everyone should imitate—the confidence of action over mere talk—both as an athlete and, more significantly, as a person, according to Shiffrin’s article for TIME.

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Andy Roddick exultant Finally, Iga Swiatek gained some remarkably remarkable attention.
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