Andy Roddick hopes Naomi Osaka makes a significant tennis comeback because of her “gift to the game.”

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The four-time Grand Slam champion was referred to as “a gift to the game” by Andy Roddick, who also expressed his desire to see Naomi Osaka succeed when she resumes playing tennis. Osaka, 25, declared in January that her pregnancy will prevent her from competing in any games in 2023.

Osaka just disclosed that her child is expecting in June or July. Osaka also made it known that she intended to train and practice for 5 to 6 months before going back into competition at the start of the Australian 2024 season. She is really a gift to the game, particularly while she is flying.

What a gift it is to have her back on her terms, and we want her to enjoy this next phase of life. If she does return, that is wonderful. She is a first-ballot Hall of Famer who has won Grand Slams even if she never plays another point for the rest of her life.

That is secured. That won’t ever be taken away. Roddick stated on Tennis Channel, “Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of it.

Osaka is gearing up for a significant return.

Osaka and Christopher Eubanks recently met on a practice court in Los Angeles. Eubanks advanced to the quarterfinals of the Miami Masters in late March.

Eubanks thinks that Osaka is unquestionably still in the game and that her shots are as accurate as ever. “It was a pleasure working with her during practice. ‘Hey, I’m coming to LA,’ I informed her. She said, “Did you bring your rackets?” as her first query. I responded, “Absolutely.”

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We gathered here. She continues to hit the ball quite well. I can assure you that she is putting a lot of effort and sincere desire into making the most of her postpartum abilities. I believe it will be fantastic for many of her followers because she is coming out motivated,” Eubanks added. Osaka said she wants to win eight more Grand Slams before she quits in a recent interview.

Andy Roddick hopes Naomi Osaka makes a significant tennis comeback because of her “gift to the game.”
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