Maria Sharapova discusses how the Chernobyl disaster affected her family.

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Maria Sharapova led followers on a tour of the many details provided about her in a YouTube video that GQ uploaded. According to the Sportsmanor website, the Russian read aloud a line describing the circumstances of her birth as she scrolled through various purported facts about her life on Wikipedia. It read: “Concerned about the regional effects of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear accident, Maria Sharapova’s parents left their homeland just before Maria was born.” thereby validating the information on the website.

Sharapova continued, “My mother was carrying me during the events that were occurring in the Chernobyl zone, which is why I was born in Siberia. Thank goodness, I moved soon after.

Maria Sharapova talks ecstatically about being a mother.

Maria Sharapova must adjust to a new life.

The tennis player, who announced her retirement in February 2020, is now embarking on a new chapter in her life as a married mother of a young child. Sharapova gave a fascinating interview to the cameras of New Beauty and made fascinating remarks.

According to her, “The role of mother must come at a particular point in your life. I felt ready, and to be honest, it was something I’d always desired. My mother and I have a great relationship; we are connected, we share a lot, and this is another reason I wanted to have a child—so I could share my experiences with him.

I’m eager to watch him develop, and I’m also picking up new knowledge. It’s a huge task, a new day every day, and there’s always something to learn. She keeps you grounded every day, and sports is also very demanding in that regard.

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Beyond winning and losing, I wanted to play tennis every week. I constantly felt the need to push and reinvent myself since I didn’t feel at ease. Being a mother and a tennis player are both highly demanding jobs, but I’m not sure which is harder. Theodore, Maria’s kid and the interview’s real star, was next mentioned. “He is an exemplary child, I often talk to him and pray that he has a quiet day,” Maria said.

He is quite good, which is fortunate for me, I must say. Additionally, while I breastfeed him, I get hungry all the time and find this intriguing. This year was the quickest of my life; it passed by in an instant.

I’m looking forward to this stage of my life since I feel like I’m still in my infancy and everything is going well. Finding the perfect balance between career and family is crucial, so I’m interested to see how my life will develop.

Maria Sharapova discusses how the Chernobyl disaster affected her family.
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