You won’t believe the amount of money that Daniil Medvedev makes.

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Daniil Medvedev is excelling in a niche category that isn’t necessarily athletic but nevertheless affects court outcomes. With the top-10 players still playing, Medvedev this week became the eleventh player in ATP history to earn more over $30 million in prize money. To do so, he must surpass Andre Agassi’s $31.152975.

Numbers that highlight the Big Three’s massive dominance while also honoring the good job he has done in recent years. It is no accident that Djokovic ($167,099,576), Rafael Nadal ($134,640,719), and Roger Federer ($130,594,339) are the top three players in this ranking.

Andy Murray, a fellow legend, is in back of them ($63,635,379). Other notable winners like Pete Sampras, Stan Wawrinka, and Alexander Zverev can be found farther below them.

This is the complete ranking.

($167,099,576) Novak Djokovic ($134,640,719) Rafael Nadal.

($130,594,339) Roger Federer. Murray, Andy ($63,635,379). Stan Wawrinka ($35,757,325); Pete Sampras ($43,280,489). Zverev, Alexander ($33,671,581). ($31,483,911) David Ferrer. ($31,200,667) Marin Cilic. (31,152,975) Andre Agassi. $30,032,109 Daniel Medvedev.

($29,491,328) Thomas Berdych. (29,487,951) Dominic Thiem. ($25,896,046) Juan Martin del Potro. (25,141,768) Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Season of Medvedev

The Russian is becoming known as one of the tennis players who is physically fit in 2023.

The Russian had a season in 2022 where he did not perform to his best capacity, and as a result, he dropped below tenth position. An anomaly for a tennis player who, in the US Open final of 2021, defeated Novak Djokovic 3-0 and prevented him from winning the Calendar Grand Slam.

The 27-year-old has four events scheduled (Rotterdam, Doha, Dubai, and Miami), suggesting that he has recaptured the polish of his finest years. Daniil stopped in the quarterfinals of the renowned Monte-Carlo court, the first major event of the European clay court season, after losing to Holger Rune, who went on to win the match, and then to Andrey Rublev.

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Due to these significant results, Medvedev is in the lead in the Race to the Finals in Turin standings. This tournament will, as usual, take place from November 12 to November 19 at the end of the season. Along with Jannik Sinner, Carlos Alcaraz, and Novak Djokovic, the Russian comes first.

You won’t believe the amount of money that Daniil Medvedev makes.
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