After a strong start in Stuttgart, Paula Badosa hopes to return to the top three.

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Paula Badosa hopes to get back into the top three players in the world, believing that she still possesses the talent necessary to compete with the best in the world. Badosa, who was ranked No. 31 in the world, rose to No. 2 in the world in April 2022, a career-high position.

“I spend every day working for that. One of my objectives is to regain the top spot. I enjoy participating in huge games and tournament championship games. I still am aware of that level. I still remember being that player.

Badosa stated on the WTA website, “I still believe in myself, and I hope I’m back there very soon.

Badosa got off to a quick start in Stuttgart.

Daria Kasatkina was easily defeated by Badosa on Tuesday, as the Spaniard defeated the Russian 6-1, 6-1.

Badosa couldn’t help but smile after a very strong start to her Stuttgart campaign. “I’m pretty pleased with how I performed today. I am aware that the match was really challenging. She is excellent on clay, so I anticipated a struggle.

I’m pretty pleased with my aggressive playing style. I’m overjoyed to be back in Stuttgart, remarked Badosa. Coach Jorge Garcia and Badosa parted ways in February. Former ATP players Eduard Esteve Lobato and Pol Toledo Bague are with Badosa in Stuttgart.

“I’m delighted with them, and I believe it was a successful beginning for them as well. We have been acquainted for a very long time. They used to have fun. Well, they’ve stopped playing now. They know me from a long time ago, so I just told them and asked if they could help me with my job.

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We get along well both on and off the court, and I’m excited to go on this journey with them, said Badosa. Badosa will face Cristina Bucsa in the round of 16 in Stuttgart.

After a strong start in Stuttgart, Paula Badosa hopes to return to the top three.
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