China’s best athlete Qinwen Zheng responds to the Peng Shuai issue in a politically right manner

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Tennis player Qinwen Zheng from China says she has never spoken to Peng Shuai and that her own tennis career is her main priority. The WTA confirmed last week that tournaments would return to China in the fall. The former Grand Slam champion vanished briefly after accusing a former vice premier of China of sexual harassment before making a comeback in early 2022.

The WTA also ordered a comprehensive inquiry into the Peng allegations and shut down all tennis activities in China. In truth, I’m not sure how she is. She and I have never communicated. I’m still just learning the WTA.

The 20-year-old Zheng added, “I’m just trying to concentrate on my tennis and enjoy playing in front of my people. Despite the fact that Zheng hasn’t spoken to Peng, she believes the former Chinese tennis player is secure at home.

“No, I don’t talk much on the tour. I essentially simply hang out close by with my group. However, I believe she is doing okay in China. Just have a typical life. However, I have no idea how she is doing. I basically pay more attention to myself, Zheng continued.

Zheng is thrilled to play in WTA competitions in China at last.

The WTA shut down all tennis operations in China for a period of 16 months. However, China will once again hold WTA competitions this year. Zheng, who is currently ranked No. 25 in the world, is overjoyed that she will soon get the opportunity to perform in front of her family and friends.

“I’m incredibly pleased to play in front of my countrymen, so I’m really happy that the tournaments in China will finally return. I haven’t gone to China in a very long time, and I never have the time to go back.

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Since the competitions have begun, I will have more time to visit my hometown (in Hubei), meet with everyone of my family, and demonstrate my tennis skills.

China’s best athlete Qinwen Zheng responds to the Peng Shuai issue in a politically right manner
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