‘Paralyzed’ for three days, according to Marta Kostyuk, after watching a horrifying video of a Ukrainian soldier.

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Marta Kostyuk, a Ukrainian tennis player, said she was “completely overwhelmed and paralyzed” after seeing a video of a soldier being shot and killed for speaking the same words as her recently. Kostyuk declared “Slava Ukraini” (which translates to “Glory to Ukraine”) during the on-court trophy ceremony after winning Austin in early March.

An unarmed Ukrainian soldier was seen in a video from earlier this month smoking a cigarette and shouting “Slava Ukraini” before being shot and killed by Russian soldiers. Following the murder of the Ukrainian soldier, a Russian phrase may be heard: “Die b—.” “A stunning succession of events merely float by me.

However, there is one that has me absolutely dazed and speechless. I was unwell for three days as a result. Glory to Ukraine! I proclaimed in my thank-you speech after Austin when I received the trophy. Then I watched a video of one of our soldiers saluting and digging his own grave.

then he is put to death. He was murdered because he spoke the same words as I did, Kostyuk claimed.

Following the viral Ukrainian army video, Kostyuk was left “paralyzed.”

Kostyuk has been vocal about the situation ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began.

Varvara Grecheva of Russia lost to Kostyuk 6-3, 7-5 in the Austin championship match in early March. Kostyuk and Gracheca failed to shake hands or take a photo with the trophy after the match. Kostyuk spent some time at the on-court prize ceremony to honor the Ukrainian combatants.

“I want to say ‘Slava Ukraini,’ especially to everyone in Ukraine, who is in the stands and watching,” Winning this title is very meaningful given my current situation. After winning Austin, Kostyuk remarked, “I want to dedicate my title to Ukraine and all of the people who are fighting and dying right now.

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In the Billie Jean King Cup qualifiers last weekend, Kostyuk played for Ukraine in a 3-1 loss to the Czech Republic.

‘Paralyzed’ for three days, according to Marta Kostyuk, after watching a horrifying video of a Ukrainian soldier.
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