Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, mentions Aryna Sabalenka

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Alexander Lukashenko’s public acclaim, according to Aryna Sabalenka, won’t do anything to improve her standing among Ukrainian players in the locker room. Sabalenka’s early 2023 achievements, which include winning the Australian Open and Adelaide International as well as coming in second at Indian Wells, were recognized by Belarusian President Lukashenko in a recent speech.

When questioned about Sabalenka’s statement that she is “for peace in all the world,” Lukashenko responded that he had no problem with a Belarusian athlete stating their opposition to war because he too is. Additionally, Lukashenko pointed out that while everyone is aware that Sabalenka is from Belarus, it makes no difference that she is competing on the WTA Tour as a neutral.

Sabalenka has mentioned the tension in the locker room multiple times in recent weeks, alleging that she experienced hostility from Ukrainian players.

Sabalenka on President Lukashenko of Belarus’s praise

“I’m rather certain that it isn’t helping.

I’m not sure. I’m at a loss for words because, as I said before, he is free to comment on my game and anything else he likes. Again, I’m not involved in politics. I’m simply a Belarusian athlete aiming to be the best I can at what I do.

Just trying to concentrate on me. What can I do if Ukrainians detest me even more as a result of his speech? I’m pleased to assist them in making themselves feel better by disliking me. They are capable of doing that. The rest, however, is out of my hands and beyond my power. For example, if I could end the war, I would.

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To avoid seeing anything like that, I’m just trying to use the internet less. According to Sabalenka, through Tennis Majors, “I’ll be able to concentrate on myself and on my game and not get too depressed about this situation.”

Sabalenka will be able to compete at Wimbledon this year after the AELTC lifted its player ban on players from Belarus and Russia.

Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Belarus, mentions Aryna Sabalenka
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