Cori Gauff: I occasionally experience imposter syndrome, which is a real condition.

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Cori Gauff acknowledges that she occasionally struggles with imposter syndrome, but she also has strategies for persuading herself that those beliefs are false or incorrect. Gauff, who turned 19 in March, has a resume that is incredibly excellent for someone her age.

Gauff has competed in the WTA Finals, won three WTA titles, reached the Grand Slam finals, and has held a high world ranking of No. 4. Gauff has won eight doubles championships and has held the top spot in the doubles rankings.

Gauff still occasionally suffers from imposter syndrome despite her stellar performance in external, objective ways. Imposter syndrome is characterized by anxiety and a lack of internal success.

Gauff on his sporadic struggles with impostor syndrome

“I think throughout my life, even as a junior going into tournaments, I would get a lot of anxiety about where I was playing-wise, and then when I stepped on the court, I defiantly feel like I can win the match,” the player said.

I believe it’s just overcoming those ideas and realizing that I belong here. I sometimes get impostor syndrome, but I’m working on it because I know I’m here for a purpose, my ranking is there for a reason, and I absolutely deserve it, Gauff stated on the WTA website.

Gauff and Diego Moyano’s romance just came to an end. Gauff disclosed in Stuttgart that Moyano had to break up with her because he needed to deal with some personal matters. Gauff, who finished second at the 2022 French Open, believes Moyano performed an excellent job during their collaborative year.

“I believe that thanks to Diego, I significantly improved as a clay-court player. The outcomes demonstrated that. I believe that I improved as a decision-maker. On the court, I believe I was making better choices, Gauff said. Gauff is beginning her clay season in Stuttgart this week.

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Cori Gauff: I occasionally experience imposter syndrome, which is a real condition.
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