Elena Rybakina enjoys being in the spotlight and serving as a role model for women

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Elena Rybakina said that she is enjoying the attention since it is allowing her to encourage young women all over the world to pick up a tennis racket. Rybakina, 23, is a very reserved individual who hardly ever displays any emotion or reaction throughout her bouts.

Rybakina didn’t really get the attention she required after winning Wimbledon in 2022 because of her quiet personality. However, Rybakina, 23, gained all the praise and attention she deserved after reaching her second Grand Slam final at the Australian Open this year.

“Yeah, I guess I’d say I’m enjoying it a little bit more because I know what it takes from all the experience I’ve had so far. I don’t find that surprising, so yes, I am enjoying life lot more today than I did before.

(The emphasis and attention on me), for sure these kinds of things are a case of getting accustomed to, but nevertheless, compared to other players, I don’t have as much attention, but yes, for sure this is something I’m getting used to, and for sure it is just the experience,” Telling We Are Tennis, Rybakina.

Rybakina is honored to serve as an example.

Rybakina is a person who conducts herself professionally and is entirely devoted to her tennis career. In Indian Wells recently, Rybakina won her first WTA 1000 championship and rose to a career-high ranking of No. 7 in the globe.

For young ladies who desire to have a successful tennis career, Rybakina is the ideal role model. It feels incredibly good to know that you’ve inspired someone. I wouldn’t describe myself as someone who enjoys being kind of on stage because sometimes it can be excessive but other times it might not be.

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It’s crucial to maintain equilibrium, and for the time being, I feel at ease with all that focus. Wimbledon was undoubtedly unique and different from winning at other Grand Slams, so that one was special, but now that I’ve had good results at the Australian Open and other tournaments, there is more focus on me. After Wimbledon, I probably expected it, but I’m receiving it now,” Rybakina said.

Elena Rybakina enjoys being in the spotlight and serving as a role model for women
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