Iga Swiatek discusses the WTA’s decision to return to China and provides an injury update.

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Iga Swiatek has stated that her rib injury has completely recovered. Due to a rib injury, Swiatek, 21, was compelled to miss the Miami Open. Swiatek is making a comeback this week and launching her clay season in Stuttgart.

“The most important thing to me right now is that I’m not injured anymore. I believe I made good use of the downtime in Warsaw by taking a break from tennis-related thoughts. I’ve continued to exercise physically a little bit, and I’m definitely returning to practicing step by step.

I’m here, and I believe I’m prepared,” Swiatek told Eurosport.

Swiatek won the competition in Stuttgart the previous year, where it was her first appearance.

Swiatek says she is not putting too much pressure on herself to perform well in her first competition after an injury, ahead of the commencement of her Stuttgart championship defense.

“I would love to play well because it’s the first clay-court tournament, but I’m aware that I might be a touch rusty because it often happens when one returns from an injury. So I’m not setting myself up for failure, but I do want to play the best tennis I can,” Swiatek said.

Swiatek on sporting events going back to China The WTA confirmed last week that tournaments would return to China in the fall. Previously, the Peng Shuai incident caused the WTA to halt all competitions in China. The WTA claimed in their statement that China assured players their safety while they were there.

“I simply have faith in the WTA‘s judgment. No matter what nation we are from, I hope that we players can stay secure. Since I have never even been to China, I have no emotional attachment. It’s difficult for me to comment, but I simply hope that the WTA is strategically selecting well,” Swiatek added.

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Iga Swiatek discusses the WTA’s decision to return to China and provides an injury update.
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