Instead of competing with Carlos Alcaraz for the top slot, Novak Djokovic was concentrating on the French Open.

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When it comes to the French Open, Novak Djokovic has stated that being at his very best is his main priority. After winning the 2023 Australian Open, Djokovic took Carlos Alcaraz‘s place as the current No. 1 in the world.

following Indian Wells, Djokovic briefly dropped to No. 2, but following Miami, he rose back to the top. When questioned about losing the top rank to Alcaraz and then reclaiming it, Djokovic emphasized that the French Open is the only thing on his mind.

Well, I’m actually focusing on my performances and trying to improve my form in preparation for Roland Garros. According to Tennis-Infinity, “That’s the event I’m going to try to peek on in terms of the surface.” Djokovic remarked on the ATP Tennis Radio Podcast.

Djokovic is anticipating a successful clay season.

Djokovic was forced to sit out the following two months after winning Wimbledon last year because he couldn’t go to North America due to his immunization status. However, Djokovic won three championships for the balance of the 2022 season after his comeback in late September.

While the top tennis players were competing in Indian Wells and Miami in March, Djokovic was at home. Djokovic is remaining upbeat despite the fact that he didn’t want to miss Indian Wells and Miami. “I feel like the form I got back after the US Open last year, I didn’t travel to America.

After winning Wimbledon, going back and winning in Tel Aviv indoors, and then really not looking back from there, I had time to really prepare myself well. On the surface, it’s a completely different tale, but ideally the outcomes will remain the same, said Djokovic. Djokovic is taking part in the Srpska Open this week in Banja Luka, where he is the top seed.

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Instead of competing with Carlos Alcaraz for the top slot, Novak Djokovic was concentrating on the French Open.

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