“Matteo Berrettini will hardly be in Rome,” said his coach

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Due to an oblique abdominal injury of the second degree, Matteo Berrettini is now sidelined. A few hours before his match against future finalist Holger Rune, the Roman tennis player was forced to withdraw from the Monte-Carlo Masters 1000 due to yet another physical issue.

His coach Vincenzo Santopadre attempted to respond to this query while speaking into the Italian publication Gazzetta Dello Sport’s microphones. Matteo is a deeply reflective young man who probes the truth.

After his operation the previous year, he came back and won two straight events. After that, there was constant stop-and-go traffic. He is now beginning to pay a portion of the fee. Then, in response to the prospect of competing in the match in Rome, “Rome? It’s currently more nay than yes.

Self-delusion serves no useful purpose. If things move along more quickly than anticipated, we will be thrilled to be able to play. When he reached the final in Madrid a few years back, Matteo had planned to be there. There is no disputing that he is chewing. Then again: “Based on what Dr. Angelo Cotorro will tell us, he will comprehend if he can begin physiotherapy, but first we will need to comprehend how the lesion is healing.

On the one hand, he is more at ease because he is aware of the type of harm he has previously had. Then, in reference to Berrettini‘s physique, which is regrettably particularly prone to accidents: “His physical shape genetically predisposes him to accidents.

I know, a physiotherapist once said to me. Everyone behaves that way. That is, he has well developed trunk and skinny legs, yet because of his game, Berrettini is more susceptible to physical issues. Now, a lot of patience is required. It was a trying time for the former Wimbledon champion, who was getting back into shape following an unhappy vacation to the States.

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Now, it makes sense that attention is drawn to the next, significant commitments. First Madrid, then Rome, Berrettini‘s home tournament where he also chose not to compete the previous year, and finally Roland Garros, the final competition on clay. The likelihood of the 27-year-old Italian playing in these major matches is a legitimate concern for fans.

“Matteo Berrettini will hardly be in Rome,” said his coach
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