Romanian has a fresh date despite the twice-postponed Simona Halep doping hearing

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The hearing for Simona Halep’s drug ban case is planned for April 30. The ITIA reported that Halep tested positive for the anti-anemia medication Roxadustat in late October. Halep has maintained her innocence and that she didn’t intentionally use the prohibited chemical since Day 1.

The Romanian Court of Arbitration of Sport came to the conclusion that Roxadustat got into Halep’s system through a tainted dietary supplement in December. Halep was also informed at the time by the judge, Cristian Jura, that she would still have to “prove the lack of guilt and negligence.” “We are still in the dark.

Just as you are waiting, so are we. We have no idea what is going on. According to what we understand, the deadline was originally scheduled for the 28th but was moved to the 30th. We’re doing alright. The father of Halep reportedly told the Romanian publication Gazeta Sporturilor, “When you’re innocent, you fight tooth and nail.

The hearing for Halep’s doping has been delayed twice.

There were rumors in February that Halep had a hearing for a doping case scheduled for that afternoon. Former Halep trainer Firicel Tomai disclosed that the Romanian had her hearing postponed twice.

“The trial was scheduled to begin twice before, but it was delayed for a number of reasons. As far as I know, physical samples—the medicines or the can—were sent, and a laboratory examination was sought instead, according to Tomai.

Darren Cahill, who helped Halep win two Grand Slam titles, asserted earlier this year that there was no way Halep could have taken the prohibited medication with knowledge. “First and foremost, there is absolutely no likelihood that Simona intentionally or deliberately ingested any item on the prohibited list.

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None. Zero. She is an athlete who worried about any prescriptions given to her by doctors (which happened infrequently) or about any supplements she used or explored. Please verify this twice, three times, to make sure it’s allowed, safe, and legal, Simona pleaded. I’m not taking it if you’re unsure,” In February, Cahill said.

Romanian has a fresh date despite the twice-postponed Simona Halep doping hearing
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