Her father will instruct Coco Gauff!

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Coco Gauff, a rising tennis talent from the US, discussed her breakup with coach Diego Moyano at a news conference prior to the Stuttgart tournament.

Gauff said that her former coach’s personal problems led to the breakup of her relationship with Moyano, not her own.

It wasn’t really my decision, she said. He had to resign since he had personal matters to attend to. Because we were having so much fun together, I wouldn’t say that we both wanted it to happen. Coco also discussed the coaches she will have during this period of adjustment.

“As far as coaching goes, right now it’s just me and my dad, back with him,” she said. I wanted to find a coach before the clay season, but Diego’s information came to me after Miami, so I didn’t have much time to make a choice.

Gauff faced Veronika Kudermetova in the round of 32 of the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix, and Gauff prevailed in three sets. Coco spoke highly of her former teacher.

Coco Gauff spoke about how her game has changed over the previous year during a press conference the day before the match she won. She responded, “I think with Diego, mean, I definitely became a better player on clay. ” When asked what Diego Moyano helped contribute to his game.

The outcomes demonstrated that. I believe my decision-making skills have improved. In court, I believe I made wiser decisions. As for me playing more forcefully, I believe someone is to blame—you continuously telling me that I need someone now. When I’m practicing, I try to do it more because I feel like I have that conscience right now. Gauff also discussed his serve, saying, “I think it really benefited me with my serve.

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With double faults, I was in the top 3 or in the lead on the tour. Now, I doubt I rank among the top ten in that. Therefore, I believe it was the largest advancement I made with him.

Her father will instruct Coco Gauff!
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