‘I’m disliked, it’s not a good feeling,’ Aryna Sabalenka said.

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The conflict in Ukraine has had an impact on geopolitics alone as well as the world of sport, particularly the Women’s Tour. In the WTA, there were numerous gestures that sparked debate, just as there were numerous remarks that did the same.

Several tennis players from Ukraine, a few from Russia, including Aryna Sabalenka from Belarus. The Australian Open champion reiterated how she felt the confrontation in the locker room was directed specifically at her. In a press conference held prior to the match in Stuttgart, she stated: “Yes, I get funny looks and people hate me.

I am aware that I have done nothing improper or harmful to Ukraine. Just because I was born in Belarus, some people don’t like me. I’m powerless over it. The worst feeling in the world is being despised for no reason.

Aryna Sabalenka incites her detractors to attack her

The Belarusian tennis player has already stated this sentiment.

According to Sabalenka, who spoke to the Italian news agency ANSA before the Miami 1000 event began, “I have often encountered enemies on social media after a defeat, but it has never happened to me to face so much venom in tennis changing rooms.

I did nothing, though. I had some unusual conversations by chance. It was quite difficult to comprehend why there are so many individuals who despise me for no apparent reason. Although I wouldn’t describe them as actual disputes, I have had some pretty difficult conversations, not with the other gamers per se but with their employees, yeah.

Even though it’s getting a little better now, it was difficult. She has previously stated: “I know how to handle myself and play the appropriate kind of tennis. Right now, all that’s required of me is that I play the best tennis possible, regardless of what happens.

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The stress of the conflict and Tsurenko’s retirement?Although I am powerless over other people’s feelings, I believe WTA is performing the best. While there is undeniably a lot of hostility amongst us all, I remain adamant that neither I nor the other Russian tennis players have broken any rules. The WTA is effectively backing both sides, in my opinion.

‘I’m disliked, it’s not a good feeling,’ Aryna Sabalenka said.
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