Rafael Nadal withdraws from Madrid and claims his recuperation hasn’t gone as expected.

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Due to a persistent hip problem, Rafael Nadal has stated that he would not compete in the Monte Carlo Masters. At the Australian Open, Nadal, 36, had a grade two iliopsoas tear. Nadal has now been out for three months, which is longer than the initial six to eight week projection.

Nadal has withdrawn from Madrid in addition to the Barcelona Open and the Monte Carlo Masters. Nadal acknowledged in his letter that he is “in a difficult situation” as his participation in the French Open and Rome Masters appears to also be in doubt.

Nadal‘s whole statement

“Good day, everyone. I haven’t spoken with you directly in a while. The last several weeks and months have been trying. As you are aware, I was seriously hurt in Australia at the Psoas. We are now fourteen weeks into what was supposed to be a six to eight-week recuperation time.

The situation is not what we had anticipated, in actuality. We have complied with all medical recommendations, but somehow the evolution has not gone as planned, and we are now in a challenging situation.

The weeks are going by, and although I had the notion that I would be able to compete in some of the most significant tournaments in my career, such as Roland Garros, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid, and Rome, for the time being I have missed both of those events.

Sadly, I won’t be able to travel to Madrid. I still can’t figure out what I need to do to compete because the injury hasn’t fully healed. I was training, but a few days ago we decided to take a different approach, try another treatment, and see if things got better in order to move on to the next step.

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I am unable to provide a timeframe because, if I did, I would inform you. I also want to extend a special hello to everyone in Madrid and throughout Spain because I will be missing the two events that are held here at home.

You all understand what it means for me to compete in these events, and in this particular case, in Madrid, I will not be able to give it my best. I have no alternative but to work hard and have the appropriate mindset throughout this period in an effort to offer myself the chance to compete in one of the tournaments that are still part of the clay season, Nadal said.

Rafael Nadal withdraws from Madrid and claims his recuperation hasn’t gone as expected.

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