Fan “almost dies of heart attack” in Rome when Coric bizarrely removes shirt

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Many tennis fans who were watching Borna Coric’s play against Fabian Maroszan at the Rome Open were heated by his peculiar method of removing his damp t-shirt. On Reddit, a tennis enthusiast even sarcastically admitted that she “saw this live and almost died of a heart attack.

I appreciate you saving this so I can save it, hehe. He appears underestimated, in my opinion. Here are a few additional comments made on the current short video:

I’ve never seen somebody remove a shirt in such a manner.

“He was acting with knowledge.”

It’s strange, but I’ll add that thin polyester shirts adhere to you like saran wrap when you’re perspiring like that.

I’ve never looked stranger when removing a soiled sports top.

He made it appear hip.

“Not that weird, I’ve definitely had to take my shirt off like this over my usual back collar and pull technique bc as you say, the sweat clings onto your back like crazy if you pull forward.”

Alcaraz was “worked hard” by Coric in Madrid.

Borna Coric was a tough opponent for Carlos Alcaraz in Madrid given his remarkable physique.

On his 20th birthday, Carlos faced Borna Coric in the tournament quarterfinal. He won 6-4, 6-3 in one hour and forty minutes. Alcaraz lauded Coric, noting that he had to put in a lot of effort to defeat him and win. “I was aware that facing Borna would not be simple.

I was not surprised by his level because he is a fantastic player. The first set was a close contest, but I persevered and won in the end, said Carlos Alcaraz. Borna said that Carlos will likely have the upper hand before the match.

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“Carlos is a talented athlete who is in amazing shape. Even if he is the favorite to beat me, I plan to go out and enjoy myself on the court. I’m looking forward to the challenge of playing Carlos at Manolo Santana Stadium,” stated Borna Coric.

Fan “almost dies of heart attack” in Rome when Coric bizarrely removes shirt
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