Following the drama in the Novak Djokovic match, Andy Roddick stands up for Cameron Norrie.

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When Cameron Norrie tried to get under Novak Djokovic‘s skin and alter the course of the match, Andy Roddick recognized that he hadn’t broken any rules. Early on in their round of 16 match at the Rome Masters, Djokovic was irritated by Norrie’s obnoxious “Come On” cries.

Djokovic became considerably more agitated when a Norrie smash struck his leg. Djokovic acknowledged his displeasure with Norrie’s conduct after defeating the Briton 6-3, 6-4. Djokovic added that Norrie understood what he was doing wasn’t fair play and that he knew it.

On the Djokovic-Norrie drama, Roddick

Fair play, I say. Both Norrie and Novak are free to disagree with what each other is doing. No laws were being broken by him. I’ve been in trouble for calling folks out for taking medical breaks too frequently.

The footage, according to Novak, led him to believe that Norrie might not have noticed him when he had his back to them. So Novak is aware that sometimes it’s okay to hit the ball were it shouldn’t be. It doesn’t matter, so listen.

Novak cannot object to Norrie’s actions, so we wash our hands and move on. It’s over now that Novak has won. Or, we choose to harbor our rage, which is absurd. Although he didn’t violate any regulations, he was plainly attempting to do something because the patterns being played on the court were not giving him the advantage.

He therefore made an effort to alter the game’s dynamics. You’re going to blame a person for trying? Novak is just way too experienced and has seen it too many times to accept that. Roddick commented on Tennis Channel, via Eurosport, “You don’t have to like it, but he was trying something.

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It was Djokovic and Norrie’s third encounter. Now, Djokovic leads Norrie 3-0 in their previous meetings. Prior to that, Djokovic had won over Norrie at the 2021 ATP Finals and the 2022 Wimbledon.

Following the drama in the Novak Djokovic match, Andy Roddick stands up for Cameron Norrie.

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