Novak Djokovic yells at his box while you watch: Alone! Why on earth am I holding you there?

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During a quarterfinal match at the Rome Masters, Novak Djokovic became quite frustrated with his crew, repeatedly lamenting the lack of encouragement and advice from them. Djokovic was heard yelling at his boxing in Serbian during the second set of his play against Holger Rune.

“Coaching” (pointing to position 0). Support (pointing to zero)! This (pointing to the number 0)! you all! Confusion! You’re all lost in confusion. Yelled Djokovic.

Djokovic added more in Serbian after losing the third set to Rune by a double break.

I’m playing by myself! Alone! I’m the only one finding the answers! Why the hell am I keeping you (there in my box)? Yelled Djokovic.

After the game, Djokovic praised Rune.

Djokovic was unable to recover after losing the third set by a double-break.

In the end, Rune defeated Djokovic 6-2 4-6 6-2. Djokovic recognized the difficult playing conditions but said Rune gave a fantastic performance and deserved to win. “Yeah, I mean, the pace is slower now.

I believe that I have never played in a tournament in Rome that has been this chilly and damp. I don’t really remember raining for so many days in a row. It goes without saying that it is quite challenging to get the ball past him in these circumstances.

He moves very, very quickly. fantastic interest. Simply an extremely gifted, active, and all-around player. I’ll ask him for advice. I played against him twice, and both times he defeated me, so I don’t have any advice for him. He’s doing great so far.

I am aware that I can constantly improve. Definitely looking forward to working on many facets of my game and becoming in top physical condition. That is the aim, according to Djokovic. Now, Djokovic will concentrate on the French Open, where he will try to capture his 23rd Grand Slam championship.

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Novak Djokovic yells at his box while you watch: Alone! Why on earth am I holding you there?

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