Rafael Nadal will retire in 2024, at last the truth!

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Rafael Nadal made two surprising declarations on what was meant to be his judgment day: he would not compete at Roland Garros in 2023 and will retire from tennis in 2024. When a tennis fan thinks about the Roland Garros, the only image that can be projected into his album of memories is a replica of an always victorious Rafael Nadal.

Since 2005, when he competed in the French Open for the first time, the Spanish champion has established his domination on the Parisian clay, and he has never stopped shining. No one had ever achieved a Grand Slam tournament record of 112 wins, 3 loses, and 14 trophies.

Even in the previous tournament, while having a foot issue, Nadal was still able to win by defeating Novak Djokovic, the only player who had ever defeated him twice in Paris. The news had been circulating for a few hours, and the Spanish media had already predicted his decision: Nadal would not participate in the 2023 Roland Garros.

Since 2004, the Spaniard has never missed the second Grand Slam of the year. His retirement in 2016 prior to his third-round match against fellow countryman Marcel Granollers was the lone major sore point.

However, Nadal has not only declared that he would not compete in Roland Garros, but also that his season might already be done and that the next year will likely be his last. Nadal‘s iliopsoas injury from the Australian Open has not yet fully healed.

Everyone anticipated that he would have returned to the clay courts of Monte Carlo; instead, retreats in Rome, Barcelona, Madrid, and Monte-Carlo followed. The Majorcan has called a special meeting of his Academy to discuss the factors that influenced him to make this difficult choice.

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At the conclusion of Roland Garros, Nadal, who is presently ranked fourteenth, will drop out of the top 100 after losing another 2000 points. “The injury didn’t heal as we wanted, but we worked hard to try and get back on the court,” the Spaniard remarked.

However, I am unable to compete at Roland Garros. After many years, it’s a shame since we would make a terrific date. Although it’s challenging, my body has made the choice. Due to my poor recent performance, I won’t be playing for the foreseeable future as well.

Since I’ve always had so many injuries, I want to play continuously. It’s challenging when working is so difficult. There have been significant victories, but they haven’t been simple. I’ve been trying to return for the past few months, but despite my best efforts, I was unable to.

I want to take the necessary time to heal and return at my best. I won’t provide a return date; instead, I’ll return when I’m physically and mentally prepared. Resuming Davis Cup competition in 2024 with the assurance of being able to compete would be one possible goal. Perhaps 2024 will mark the end of the court.

Rafael Nadal will retire in 2024, at last the truth!
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