Roger Federer is defended by Pat Cash after John McEnroe had criticized his SABR shot.

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Pat Cash referred to Roger Federer‘s SABR shot as “a brilliant idea” and declared that he did not agree in the slightest with John McEnroe‘s assessment that it was an unsportsmanlike action. Roger Federer used a technique known as the SABR, or Sneak Attack by Roger, in which he quickly moved a few meters inside the court to block an opponent’s second serve with a half-volley.

Federer would proceed to the net after intercepting the opponent’s serve and returning it with a half-volley, hoping to win the point if it wasn’t already over. One of the greatest tennis players ever, McEnroe, wasn’t particularly a fan of the SABR.

1987 Wimbledon champion Cash explained to McEnroe why he didn’t concur with him during one of their conversations.

Spend money on Federer‘s SABR shot: A fantastic concept

Why not?” Exactly why not? It is a serve’s component. The phrase “Oh my God, you served an underarm serve, I wanna complain about that” has never been spoken by a player. An underarm serve is used.

I mean, I love the half-volley approach that Federer used to adopt when he would move forward. It like anything John McEnroe used to do. Excellent strategy. It’s hardly sportsmanlike, according to McEnroe. I advised John to watch a few of his older films.

You are hitting returns from exactly six feet inside the baseline. Where Roger was, the situation is nearly identical. Why is that not sportsmanlike, you ask? It struck me as a truly fantastic idea. Federer excelled in that area. According to Sportskeeda, Cash stated on the Control the Controllables program.

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Federer was questioned in 2015 about how some tennis players have criticized his SABR stroke. To be honest, I haven’t received much feedback about it from the players. I learn more about it via the media. I both read and hear some.

If it makes sense to employ it in the end, I will, personally. At 4-1 in the tiebreaker in Cincinnati, I used it to great advantage against [Djokovic] in a challenging situation, Federer recalled at the time.

Roger Federer is defended by Pat Cash after John McEnroe had criticized his SABR shot.

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