Petra Martic wins Ladies Open Lausanne against Olga Danilovic.

The Lausanne Ladies Open 2022 has awarded Petra Martic the title of champion. On Sunday, the Croatian defeated Olga Danilovic of Serbia in one hour and thirty minutes with a score of 6-4 and 6-2. Martic was presented with one break point, which she had the opportunity to save, but she was only successful in converting four of the ten break point opportunities she had against Danilovic’s serve.

In addition, she notched 23 victories while making fewer than half as many unforced errors (11).

Petra Martic and Olga Danilovic are putting on a sizzling display at the Ladies Open in Lausanne.
Following the game, when addressing the media, Martic stated, “I believe that my performance was quite constant from the beginning to the end of the game.

The day before yesterday and in the matches before that, I was unable to do it, and I had some drops. Today I made an effort to maintain my edge and prevent her from regaining any ground in the match.” The Croatian competitor also complimented her opponent from 10 years earlier.

“When I arrived on the first day here [in Lausanne], it was the beginning of the qualifiers; I came to see the Center Court, and Olga was playing in the opening match. When I was with my agent, I made the comment, “I think this girl is going to be a great player,” and not only is she going to be, but I think she already is. Not only is she going to be, but I think she already is a fantastic player.

She has already triumphed in a competition similar to this one, she has already prevailed over me, she has accomplished a great deal, and this is really the beginning for her.” Following Danilovic’s victory over Martic in their first head-to-head matchup at the 2021 Australian Open, Danilovic led Martic 1-0 in their head-to-head matchups going into the final of the Swiss competition.

In spite of this, both players were looking to win their second WTA title. Both players saw significant improvements in their respective singles rankings as a direct result of their performances at the Ladies Open in Lausanne. Both Petra Martic and Olga Danilovic gained ground in the rankings on Monday, July18, with Martic climbing 30 places and Danilovic gaining 18 places.