Stefanos Tsitsipas Disclosed That Paula Badosa Is Working Really Hard For Wimbledon

Stefanos Tsitsipas Disclosed That Paula Badosa Is Working Really Hard For Wimbledon

Stefanos Tsitsipas already suggests that Paula Badosa is working really hard in her power to be ready for the Wimbledon. Tsitsipas, 24 and 25 year old Badoas are considered as one of the most popular and newest couple of tennis and they have already been practicing on grass in last few years. Moreover, Badosa also experienced stress fracture in her spine and after that she also missed almost every tournament of grass that is leading up to Wimbledon. However,  she is fighting a lot so she can be ready for the Wimbledon. She is working really hard to lead up the Wimbledon.

The worst thing is Badosa has already been hit with the bad luck a couple of times this year. In the starting of Season, Badosa was really forced  to miss Australian Open after sustaining injury. According to the latest reports, she is working really hard  and will also join the camp where she will improve the fitness level. She also appeared in the fine form before French Open, she was also being struck with the another injury and also had to skip the second season of Grand Slam.

Statement Of Paula Badosa

She also claim that when everything is seemed to be fine again, I also received very bad news just before initiating of a Grand slam. At the tournament in Rome, I also experienced a stress fracture in my spine. It has been one of the most complicated and hard news after such a complicated start of season with injuries. This is worst thing that keep out of the competition for few weeks. Thanks every person who are already with me no matter what. I will keep you updated about everything.

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For Badosa, If she is missing 3rd Grand slam in the 2023 then it is going to be devastating for her. In the 2022, Badosa already made up the wimbledon round of 16 before losing to the SImona Halep. Hopefully, Badosa is going to manage to compete at Wimbledon this year also.

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