The Beautiful Artwork Of Roger Federer Sold For $360K

The Beautiful Artwork Of Roger Federer Sold For $360K

Gorgeous picture of Roger Federer was sold at astronomical price. Works of amazing value sold at the fair of Art Basel 2023 that was ended on the Sunday. But the main focus of this fair was on the most valuable piece of this edition. It is a one of the most popular cast of Roger Federer, suspended in the air that was already sold for $360,000. It is really an amazing work of the Credit Suisse and this art manufactured using silicone and Gypsum.


Roger is really an amazing personality who also praised the Andy Murray. In the recent interview of Roger Federer said “I’m a huge fan of Andy Murray and wish him the best ahead of Wimbledon. This is his favorite surface of him, especially today”. Moreover, The Swiss hopes which is former world number one can also perform exceptionally well during the lawns of the All England Club that is surface which also help from the physical point of view. Murray is amazing player who won two Grand Slams in his career by beating two pro players that are Novak Djokovic and Milos Raonic.

 The Scotsman already decided to participate into the two biggest challenger tournaments before participating into the Queen’s tournament. He is amazing player who lifted trophy to sky & now will also have a great opportunity to repeat the history. He loves to play tennis.  It is going to be amazing to see him still playing despite all the problems related to hips he had. Murray for his part has never be hidden that he wants to win the Wimbledon for the third time. But it is going to be most challenging task for him than six year ago to win the Wimbledon. But he is working is vary hard as he wants to achieve the goal.

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