Recently A Famous Tennis Player Murray Release A Statement That He Can Easily Beat The Seeds At Wimbledon

Recently A Famous Tennis Player Murray Release A Statement That He Can Easily Beat The Seeds At Wimbledon

Andy Murray is one of the most popular tennis players who will not be seeded during Wimbledon 2023.  He is famous British tennis player who have already reach at least the quarter finals of the tournament of Queen’s home. Such an amazing player is really confident during the view of the championship. He feels that he can easily beat the popular seeds in the Wimbledon tournament because there are so many of them which don’t feel comfortable on the grass. The physical condition and age isn’t favour of the player. Therefore, he is already taking the rest and after that joins the Wimbledon.

Main Goal Of Famous Player

The main goal of returning on the top seeds of historic Grand Slam is that he already won in the 2013 & 2016. If he wants to perform exceptionally well then he requires to work really hard. He also need to do a lot of hard work and rest that Murray will surely do after the departure of De Minaur’s from the scene at Queen’s.

In the latest statement Murray explained that he is not going to play the tournament because he thinks that it is a perfect time to rest mentally and physically. Actually, he really wants to serve exceptionally well and keep working on the mobility on pitch. It is really tough time for Andy Murray but he will perform really well in the Wimbledon. Experts claim that, he will become next champion of Wimbledon very easily.

Win And Lose

Andy Murray also lose against most experienced and skilled player on this particular surface but the sensation that he had in the previous 14 days is really significant. He is investing considerable amount of time in the training and some of the amazing opponents in the world. Andy is taking enough rest and after that he will dedicate almost 10 days to the training with intensity.

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